sweaty feet, open shoe insoles for sweaty feet
Open shoe insoles for sweaty feet
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Make a Bee Line for the Honey!
FarmHouse Fresh™ Sweetens Each Step with a New Moisturizing Honey Heel Glaze

Frisco, TX
After frostier temperatures and drier air has taken its toll on feet causing skin to crackle from the tips of the toes all the way to the bottoms of the heels, women need a new reason to put their best feet forward in anticipation of warmer weather.

"The new FarmHouse Fresh™ Honey Heel Glaze is a divine honey-based moisturizer that softens heels and toes and makes them feel alive again," states Shannon McLinden, CEO of Summer Soles® and FarmHouse Fresh™ brands. "Prior to stepping out in your favorite shoes, you want to first exfoliate dead skin with a good scrub, and follow this by applying our deliciously-scented Honey Heel Glaze, which seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet."

Extremely lightweight in texture, the FarmHouse Fresh™ Honey Heel Glaze is fragranced with velvety cinnamon notes, sweet cloves and actual honey. The finest of natural ingredients have been incorporated. Genuine honey, considered one of "natures moisturizers," is a humectant that helps attract and retain moisture. Other vitamin-packed ingredients included in the leave-on glaze are aloe leaf juice, and pineapple and papaya fruit extracts. The Honey Heel Glaze is ultra-smooth and non-greasy.

Continues McLinden, "This golden jar is a true guilty pleasure from the first moment you open it, and so mouthwatering that you'll almost want to cover your morning toast or muffins with it! Using the application brush which is included, simply rub the glaze onto feet, and slowly massage it in, for chalkless bliss!"

The FarmHouse Fresh™ Honey Heel Glaze (3 oz.) retails for $24.00 U.S. and is available to consumers online at www.FarmHouseFreshGoods.com and through retail boutiques such as Vail Cascade Resort & Spa in Vail, Colorado Aspen River in Sonora, California and Cheeky Fine Lingerie in Highland Park, Illinois.

Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent insoles for sandals are wool insoles that help remedy feet sweat when wearing open shoes and sandals. These open shoe insoles are ideal for stopping feet sweat from ruining shoes and making sandals uncomfortable.