You'll love both SummerSoles fabrics!
Open shoe insoles for sweaty feet

You'll probably love both styles of fabric!
Take a look at how we use Summer Soles, Fragrant Footings, and why we love them:

Summer Soles Details:


Ultra-Absorbent   Suede Softness
Great for flats, and low-to-medium heels. Because they're a non-woven fabric, they just can't stand the pressure of us standing on them in a super high heel, so stick to low or mid-high shoes.
Perfect for high heels
- and any other style you like! The suede is ultra-durable and lasts on and on.
They're non-woven, and more like a compressed cotton ball than fabric- so perspiration goes into small open areas at the bottom of the fabric and moves toward the edges to dissipate. Awesome for really hot days or excessively perspiring feet.
The woven fabric is soft and chic just like suede-bottomed shoes. Perfect for those shoes you just wish were made of suede. But even better! Because you can toss and replace these anytime you like.
This is also our favorite style to use in closed shoes because moisture literally falls into crevices away from the feet, you just can't feel this dry with anything else.
If you just hate that clammy feeling in closed shoes... these do the trick. For more absorption, switch to Absorbent.

Tips for using them in a closed shoe:
Here's how we avoid frustration with the sticky back when placing into closed shoes:
- After peeling the back, place it against something fabric to reduce the tackiness of the tape - a towel works great!
- D
on't peel the back off the entire sole. Leave the backing at the toe area - it makes it easier to stick in your shoes.
- Stick down at the heel first, then roll the rest down toward the front of your shoe.

Fragrant Footings Details:
Our Fragrant Footings line uses essential oil fragrances, tested by Dermatologists.
They're hypoallergenic, non sensitizing and 100% addictive! Because they use
essential oils from nature, anyone who is allergic to lemons, mint, or jasmine
flowers should not use them.

Fragrant Footings' Absorbent Trim-to-Fits:
Made with the same non-woven fabric as our classic Ultra Absorbent Summer Soles.

Fragrant Footings' Ball of Foot Cushions:

Made with the same type of fabric as our Suede-Softness style. A little less plush,
but 100% polyester and super soft.

Ultra-Absorbent close-up below:

Suede Softness close-up below:

Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent insoles for sandals are wool insoles that help remedy feet sweat when wearing open shoes and sandals. These open shoe insoles are ideal for stopping feet sweat from ruining shoes and making sandals uncomfortable.